NTX Chapter

Get your freak'n WEASEL on !!!

Date: Every "WEASEL" Wednesday
Time:7-ish til? Greet'n Meet
Place: Hummmmm! See below
(subject to change, due to a total lack of organizational skills)

The Weasels are forming a North Texas Chapter. If you are interested in how to get your "freak'n" WEASEL on, please read on!

The WEASELS are a nefarious group that has propagated far and wide. We have no real purpose in life other than to eat, drink and have fun! Oh, and ride our motorcycles.

If you are a person of low enough moral values, self loathing, total lack of self esteem, like having fun, and ride a motorcycle (Generally U.S. Motorcycle Brand.), you might just be good WEASEL fodder.

If you are interested drop us a line at: NTXWEASELS@YAHOO.COM or see our Face Book Page At: NTX WEASELS. You can always just come on by and join in the fun on any WEASEL Wednesday. Call/Leave a message at: 972-922-0362 (someone might eventually get back to you)

Any Resemblance to fictitious Television Motorcycle Clubs, both living and dead, is purely intentional and is meant as a freakin joke!